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Oct. 12th, 2009 | 11:40 pm

So it's been awhile.

I am currently (well, as of last Thursday) 238.6 pounds. That is -79 pounds. I was 317.6 pounds. So, that is a lot of progress.
I am shooting for my -80 pounds star this week. I have been shooting for this star for like four weeks. :/ I am also, secretly, shooting for my Third Goal Weight of 233.6 pounds. -5 pounds. 'Tis possible, but maybe not very likely this week. But, hey, if I want to throw some more pressure on there I could shoot for my -85 pounds star, too. I mean, that's only one pound away from Goal Weight Three.
Haha. A girl can dream.

No, but really it could happen. Last week was my period weigh-in. First real period in years. Lots of blood. Lots of stress. I hear you retain water when you are on your period? If so, that will work in my favor. I still lost one pound last week so I have no gain to make up for--only a loss. Hopefully some of that six pounds I want to lose will already have been lost last week, but hidden due to the whole period thing.

Hmm.. Maybe. I will probably be around 234 tomorrow. That's pretty damn close to where I want to be. I CAN DO THIS!

Some positive effects I have noticed due to my weight loss:
1. My acne is 99% gone. I had problems with this my entire life. It was bad. Real bad.
2. My period came back. I loved not having a period, but it is definitely not a good thing to not have a period for years.

I bought new underwear. My old ones: think of granny panties and then think of those as five times worse. I actually bought a few thongs. Um. Not sure how I am going to like those just yet, but we shall find out on Wednesday. I am totally going to dress up for both Leonardo DiCaprio and Billy Boyd in my chemistry lab. I WILL GET SOMETHING OUT OF THIS SEMESTER! Haha.
I have always been SOO boy crazy.

Okay. Well, time to go write in the real journal. I will hopefully be sending you some new measurements tomorrow morning. If I remember.

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