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Sep. 30th, 2009 | 01:39 am
mood: accomplished

I haven't updated in awhile. I was just reminded of this.

Currently: 242.2 pounds

I have been floating between 241.2 pounds and 242.2 pounds for the past three weeks. Sounds like a plateau, right? WRONG! I have been living it up for the past couple of weeks so I deserve to hover. I am pretty sure I will break into the 230s come Thursday. Oh, how I have waited!
I need to hit 233.6 pounds before I can get a haircut. I am also planning on purchasing a few XL American Apparel hoodies. I have always wanted one but have never been able to fit comfortably into one. Now, I believe I can. Amazon has them for cheapish to boot. I am also going to buy new underwear and bras. I am definitely not a C-cup any longer. Yay! And My underwear have become so baggy that they bother me CONSTANTLY. Ugh. So, anyway, as you can tell, I have a lot of incentive to lose that last 8.6 pounds.

I ran Week 4 Day 2 today. I got to Week 5 Day 3 before I quit last time. It is frustrating that I am taking so long to get to where I used to be. Actually, I am doing better this time. Last time someone suggested to slow down my runs so I could complete each day, but what good is that if I am not running at the pace I want to run? So, I am running five miles-per-hour and actually doing it.

I didn't tell you, I ran/walked a 5K randomly last week. I was told I was going to do it the day before the race. Haha! Anyway, I did it in 41(?) minutes. I can't remember exactly, but it was about a 13 minute mile average. SO PROUD! My mile was always around 15 minutes to 17 minutes, I believe. That was when I was in eighth grade! I am shooting for an 11 minute mile, but I am quite a way away from that. I'm sure there is another 5K coming up on the res, so not to worry. I can't wait for my new time!

Anyway, I am tired.

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