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Second Goal Weight: CHECK!

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Jun. 25th, 2009 | 08:45 pm

Today was the day! The day I finally reached out and grasped my Second Goal Weight! My second -10%! Oh, man! I am astounded that I finally made it--well, maybe not astounded, I knew I would get here eventually, but it seems like it went by so fast. That is a good thing though! I am officially part of the 250s Club!
Reading back when I completed my First Goal Weight I was still not convinced of any physical difference between 317.6 pounds and 286.6 pounds. I knew that I would be able to see my progress once I got to my Second Goal Weight and I was so right! I feel so much better overall and I am stronger and faster and smaller! My exact words, "Oh, shit. I can't even imagine 250 lbs." Well, here I am!
I lost 3.6 pounds this week. I worked really hard for it, too! I would have been ridiculously bummed if my hard work had not paid off. But things worked out in my favor.
I also lost another point--down to 34 daily. Still too many!

It took me 18 weeks to lose 28 pounds. That is an average weekly loss of 1.6 pounds.

But here is an update concerning my projected weight loss:

First goal weight: 286.6 lbs -- by January 22, 2009 (February 19, 2009)
Second goal weight: 258.6 lbs -- by May 28, 2009 (June 28, 2009)

Third goal weight: 233.6 lbs -- by September 17, 2009
Fourth goal weight: 210.6 lbs -- by December 24, 2009
Fifth goal weight: 189.6 lbs -- by March 18, 2010
Sixth goal weight: 171.6 lbs -- by June 3, 2010
Seventh goal weight: 154.6 lbs -- by August 26, 2010

First milestone: 299.9 lbs -- by November 27, 2008 (November 21, 2008)
I haven't been in the 200's since 2006.

Second milestone: 199.9 lbs -- by February 4, 2010
I haven't been in the 100's since 2001.
Third milestone: 179.9 lbs -- by May 6, 2010
I cannot remember ever weighing less that 180 lbs.
Fourth milestone: 158.8 lbs -- by August 12, 2010
I literally divided myself in half.

According to my original plan I am scheduled to lose my next 25 pounds in 12 weeks. Hum. MAYBE
I would have to lose almost exactly two pounds per week for the next three months. Ha! I mean, I could accomplish this, but shit happens. My updated goal is to reach 233.6 pounds by 15OCTOBER2009, exactly one month later than scheduled.
25 more pounds. That's not so much, right?
233.6 pounds. That is a total loss of 84 pounds! Wow! Now 84 is a very large number. And 233.6 pounds is so much closer to the 100s! Gah! Only 58.1 pounds away! That is almost exactly as far as I have come.

Total weight lost: 59.6 pounds
Average weekly loss: 1.4 pounds
Average monthly loss: 5.9 pounds
BMI units lost: 8.8 units
Days passed: 301 days / 10 months
Days remaining: 455 days / 15 months (at current rate)

And here we go again!

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