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My Measurements! Month Six Point Five!

Oct. 13th, 2009 | 11:34 am

1. Bust: 46.0" (-2.75 / -4.5")

2. Chest: 42.25" (-2.75" / -4.75")

3. Waist: 40.5" (-1.5" / -3.5")

4. Hips: 46.0" (-2.75" / -3.25")

5. Midway: 48.5" (-4.25" / -5.25")

6. Thigh: 28.0" (-1.25" / -0.75)

7. Knees: 18.5" (-2.0" / -2.5")

8. Calves: 17.5" (-0.5" / -0.75")

9. Upper Arm: 17.0" (-0.5" / -1.25")

10. Lower Arm: 10.5" (-0.75" / -0.75")

11. Neck: 14.5" (-1.0" / -1.25")

If you didn't get it ( NUM_ONE / NUM_TWO ): NUM_ONE represents the inches I lost THIS time, NUM_TWO is overall.

I lost 4.5" last time.
I lost 21.0" this time around. Now, it has been 3.5 months since the last time I measured. But still, that is an average of -6" per month!

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Oct. 12th, 2009 | 11:40 pm

So it's been awhile.

I am currently (well, as of last Thursday) 238.6 pounds. That is -79 pounds. I was 317.6 pounds. So, that is a lot of progress.
I am shooting for my -80 pounds star this week. I have been shooting for this star for like four weeks. :/ I am also, secretly, shooting for my Third Goal Weight of 233.6 pounds. -5 pounds. 'Tis possible, but maybe not very likely this week. But, hey, if I want to throw some more pressure on there I could shoot for my -85 pounds star, too. I mean, that's only one pound away from Goal Weight Three.
Haha. A girl can dream.

No, but really it could happen. Last week was my period weigh-in. First real period in years. Lots of blood. Lots of stress. I hear you retain water when you are on your period? If so, that will work in my favor. I still lost one pound last week so I have no gain to make up for--only a loss. Hopefully some of that six pounds I want to lose will already have been lost last week, but hidden due to the whole period thing.

Hmm.. Maybe. I will probably be around 234 tomorrow. That's pretty damn close to where I want to be. I CAN DO THIS!

Some positive effects I have noticed due to my weight loss:
1. My acne is 99% gone. I had problems with this my entire life. It was bad. Real bad.
2. My period came back. I loved not having a period, but it is definitely not a good thing to not have a period for years.

I bought new underwear. My old ones: think of granny panties and then think of those as five times worse. I actually bought a few thongs. Um. Not sure how I am going to like those just yet, but we shall find out on Wednesday. I am totally going to dress up for both Leonardo DiCaprio and Billy Boyd in my chemistry lab. I WILL GET SOMETHING OUT OF THIS SEMESTER! Haha.
I have always been SOO boy crazy.

Okay. Well, time to go write in the real journal. I will hopefully be sending you some new measurements tomorrow morning. If I remember.

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(no subject)

Sep. 30th, 2009 | 01:39 am
mood: accomplished

I haven't updated in awhile. I was just reminded of this.

Currently: 242.2 pounds

I have been floating between 241.2 pounds and 242.2 pounds for the past three weeks. Sounds like a plateau, right? WRONG! I have been living it up for the past couple of weeks so I deserve to hover. I am pretty sure I will break into the 230s come Thursday. Oh, how I have waited!
I need to hit 233.6 pounds before I can get a haircut. I am also planning on purchasing a few XL American Apparel hoodies. I have always wanted one but have never been able to fit comfortably into one. Now, I believe I can. Amazon has them for cheapish to boot. I am also going to buy new underwear and bras. I am definitely not a C-cup any longer. Yay! And My underwear have become so baggy that they bother me CONSTANTLY. Ugh. So, anyway, as you can tell, I have a lot of incentive to lose that last 8.6 pounds.

I ran Week 4 Day 2 today. I got to Week 5 Day 3 before I quit last time. It is frustrating that I am taking so long to get to where I used to be. Actually, I am doing better this time. Last time someone suggested to slow down my runs so I could complete each day, but what good is that if I am not running at the pace I want to run? So, I am running five miles-per-hour and actually doing it.

I didn't tell you, I ran/walked a 5K randomly last week. I was told I was going to do it the day before the race. Haha! Anyway, I did it in 41(?) minutes. I can't remember exactly, but it was about a 13 minute mile average. SO PROUD! My mile was always around 15 minutes to 17 minutes, I believe. That was when I was in eighth grade! I am shooting for an 11 minute mile, but I am quite a way away from that. I'm sure there is another 5K coming up on the res, so not to worry. I can't wait for my new time!

Anyway, I am tired.

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(no subject)

Sep. 25th, 2009 | 12:16 pm

I am determined to break into the 230s this week! That means I need to shoot for -2.3 pounds by Thursday. (I am secretly shooting for -4.5 pounds, but we'll see how that pans out.)

I decided that dating websites creep me out. So I deleted my OKCupid profile and put full faith into being able to find someone I want to date in real life.
Just because I said I haven't had a friend crush in a long time doesn't translate to "I have a crush on you." And, just because we know someone mutually doesn't mean you should ask Mutual Friend if I have asked them about you yet. I haven't because I DON'T have a crush on you.
Plus, online dating makes me feel shallow. If you are not cute I have nothing else to base my interest off of. In real life I can fall in love with demeanor or humor or personality.

Sorry, I am just not used to male attention. This is new to me.

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Ode to 253.8

Jul. 19th, 2009 | 12:20 am
mood: excited


I am 3.9 pounds away from the 240s!? There must have been some sort of miscalculation! But, alas, this is no jest!

I simply cannot believe where I am now relative to where I was August 29, 2008. In 10.5 months I have lost 63.8 pounds! I usually enjoy damning myself for not losing 10 pounds per month, but i am here today to realize my true success! I have until August 27, 2009 (my closest Thursday weigh-in day) to get that number even farther along my path; six weigh-ins from now!

Maybe I can make it all the way to my -75 pounds marker! I am only 11.2 pounds away! -75 Pounds, that would be 242.6 pounds.
So maybe I could hit the 230s by the end of my Weight Loss Year. 239.9 Pounds, that would be -77.7 pounds total and -13.9 pounds between now and then.


A shorty, the 2009 August Shorty Weight Loss Challenge! Weigh-in next week, then a five week run. Genius!
I shall prepare for the unveiling!

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Jul. 3rd, 2009 | 11:35 pm
mood: optimisticoptimistic

Holy hell that was hard! I cannot believe I actually finished this day.

I ran at 4.7 miles per hour and walked at 3.5 miles per hour.
I went into the day knowing that I was going to attempt to run the whole thing but thinking that I would not be able to come close to finishing the last run.
I got through the first eight-minute run without any problems. I didn't feel like I was going to die. I felt good that the eight minutes wasn't a huge hurtle anymore, I even felt like I could have run longer than the eight minutes. Then I walked for the five minutes and was actually able to recover quite a bit, much more than my last attempt! The second eight-minute run was much harder. I didn't hurt, but I was losing steam. I made it through the first two minutes just fine but then started watching the clock. Three minutes done. Good, but this is getting harder maybe I can't make the whole thing. Five minutes done. Oh, my god! There is no way! Six minutes done. I want to quit so hard, but there are only TWO minutes left. I can handle two minutes! Seven minutes. I am going to die, but I am going to hate it if I don't make the last minute! And then it was over. I have never breathed so hard as I did the last ten seconds, but I made it!

Before I move on to Week Five Day Three (THE 20-MINUTE RUN!) I think I am going to try to speed up a bit. I like jogging five miles per hour--even that is pretty slow. For my next run I may try for 4.8 miles per hour. We shall see.

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<3 OR </3?

Jun. 27th, 2009 | 02:47 am
mood: anxiousanxious
music: THE KNIFE

"Your dad and I were talking and I told him that pretty soon we're going to have to start worrying about boys."
- Mother

I could have almost taken this as an insult, like, pretty soon you will actually have the ability to attract a male. But I am smart enough to know that my mother would never insult me like that. Instead she was complimenting me, my progress.

And I am excited for that added perk of my weight loss.

In my 22 years no one has ever shown any interest. I have never been in a relationship. So another part of me is completely terrified. I am what you would call prude, not naive, but prude. I have doled out quality relationship advice to many a friend but I have a feeling I will be clueless when it comes to dealing with such things myself. Terrified.

I have been boy-crazy my entire life and it is just totally foreign to me to think that at some point someone I have an interest in might actually be interested right back. Well, that has never happened before. I have quite high standards and am an incredible judge of character, but what if my powers are not enough to protect me from the Shitty Guy Club? Maybe I should have more faith in my abilities, but they have never been tested so intensely!

What if I give of myself too much or love too hard? I have spent so much time in my own little bubble full of friends and laughter and I'm not so sure about inviting heartbreak and testosterone into my "safe place." Every friend I have ever had has told me that I am "lucky" to not have to deal with the bad breakups and letdowns and general craziness, and in some respects I can agree with them. I have definitely learned a lot and in many ways gone through a lot by living vicariously through them.

And how will an average guy deal with a total n00b? I assume that would half freak them out. Or dealing with someone with body issues? As I am sure I will still be quite uncomfortable in my own skin even after I get to where I want to be.

Lesser so, I am also afraid that at some point in the future I might resent someone I become involved with because they like me thin, but might not have had I been my 317.6 pound self. Then again, I'm sure I will like me better thin, too.

Tell me it's going to be okay! Ah!

Can you tell that I am an over analyzer? Not a very good girlfriend quality. Haha.

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Second Goal Weight: CHECK!

Jun. 25th, 2009 | 08:45 pm

Today was the day! The day I finally reached out and grasped my Second Goal Weight! My second -10%! Oh, man! I am astounded that I finally made it--well, maybe not astounded, I knew I would get here eventually, but it seems like it went by so fast. That is a good thing though! I am officially part of the 250s Club!
Reading back when I completed my First Goal Weight I was still not convinced of any physical difference between 317.6 pounds and 286.6 pounds. I knew that I would be able to see my progress once I got to my Second Goal Weight and I was so right! I feel so much better overall and I am stronger and faster and smaller! My exact words, "Oh, shit. I can't even imagine 250 lbs." Well, here I am!
I lost 3.6 pounds this week. I worked really hard for it, too! I would have been ridiculously bummed if my hard work had not paid off. But things worked out in my favor.
I also lost another point--down to 34 daily. Still too many!

It took me 18 weeks to lose 28 pounds. That is an average weekly loss of 1.6 pounds.

But here is an update concerning my projected weight loss:

First goal weight: 286.6 lbs -- by January 22, 2009 (February 19, 2009)
Second goal weight: 258.6 lbs -- by May 28, 2009 (June 28, 2009)

Third goal weight: 233.6 lbs -- by September 17, 2009
Fourth goal weight: 210.6 lbs -- by December 24, 2009
Fifth goal weight: 189.6 lbs -- by March 18, 2010
Sixth goal weight: 171.6 lbs -- by June 3, 2010
Seventh goal weight: 154.6 lbs -- by August 26, 2010

First milestone: 299.9 lbs -- by November 27, 2008 (November 21, 2008)
I haven't been in the 200's since 2006.

Second milestone: 199.9 lbs -- by February 4, 2010
I haven't been in the 100's since 2001.
Third milestone: 179.9 lbs -- by May 6, 2010
I cannot remember ever weighing less that 180 lbs.
Fourth milestone: 158.8 lbs -- by August 12, 2010
I literally divided myself in half.

According to my original plan I am scheduled to lose my next 25 pounds in 12 weeks. Hum. MAYBE
I would have to lose almost exactly two pounds per week for the next three months. Ha! I mean, I could accomplish this, but shit happens. My updated goal is to reach 233.6 pounds by 15OCTOBER2009, exactly one month later than scheduled.
25 more pounds. That's not so much, right?
233.6 pounds. That is a total loss of 84 pounds! Wow! Now 84 is a very large number. And 233.6 pounds is so much closer to the 100s! Gah! Only 58.1 pounds away! That is almost exactly as far as I have come.

Total weight lost: 59.6 pounds
Average weekly loss: 1.4 pounds
Average monthly loss: 5.9 pounds
BMI units lost: 8.8 units
Days passed: 301 days / 10 months
Days remaining: 455 days / 15 months (at current rate)

And here we go again!

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My Measurements Month Three!

Jun. 25th, 2009 | 06:19 am

1. Bust: 48.75" (-0.75 / -1.75")

2. Chest: 45.0" (-1.5" / -2.0")

3. Waist: 42.0" (-1.0" / -2.0")

4. Hips: 48.75" (-0.5" / -0.5")

5. Midway: 52.75" (-0.25" / -1.0")

6. Thigh: 29.25" (0.00" / +0.5)

7. Knees: 20.5" (+0.75" / -0.5")

8. Calves: 18.0" (-0.5" / -0.25")

9. Upper Arm: 17.5" (-0.5" / -0.75")

10. Lower Arm: 11.25" (0.0" / 0.0")

11. Neck: 15.5" (-0.25" / -0.25")

If you didn't get it ( NUM_ONE / NUM_TWO ): NUM_ONE represents the inches I lost THIS time, NUM_TWO is overall.

I lost 4.0" last time around.
I lost 4.5" this time.

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Couch to Five Kilometers

Jun. 20th, 2009 | 08:18 pm

Yesterday marked the completion of Week FOUR Day One! I didn't think I would ever be able to complete this particular day. This was running 16 minutes out of 21.5 minutes, twice running three minutes at a time, twice five minutes at a time with only two minutes recovery in between. It was incredibly hard, but not so bad at the same time.
I had attempted this at least three times before and never made it even half way through. I took a week and a half off the gym and any attempt at running and started using EA Active for my Wii. Active is especially helpful when it comes to leg and upper arm toning. I think I was able to complete Week Four Day One because of an increase of muscle mass in my legs. I didn't realize until just yesterday how strong your legs have to be in order to run to any degree.
Anyway, this is getting a bit boring. But, hooray, me!
Here is to successfully climbing that mountain.

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